Where can I buy Japanese sexy underwear?

Japanese sex lingerie: representatives of the fashion trend of sexy underwear

Japanese sexy underwear is known as the representative of Asian sexy underwear design. It has been favored globally with its exquisite design, high -quality fabrics and craftsmanship focusing on details.Where should I buy it for consumers who want to buy Japanese sexy underwear?In this article, we will introduce a few places to buy Japanese sexy underwear.

1. Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Japan and one of the good places to buy Japanese sexy underwear, because it can easily find adult sex lingerie from different brands in Amazon Japan, such as Lalama, Rocco, Love Livra, Monique, etc.Japanese brand’s sexy underwear.

2. Rakuten Global Market

Rakuten Global Market is one of the largest e -commerce platforms in Japan. The products on the platform include various types such as technical products to fashion clothing, including Japanese sexy underwear.Rakuten’s characteristic is to provide global delivery services, which means that users can buy Japanese sexy underwear no matter which country.

3. HMV & Books Online

HMV & Books Online is one of Japan’s largest entertainment, books and stationery retail websites, and it also provides many Japanese sexy lingerie styles.If you want to try different types of products, this website can also provide you with various CDs, DVDs, comic books and novel entertainment products.

4. Village Vanguard

Village Vanguard is a well -known cultural retail store in Japan. Its products include snacks, music, magazines, hand -made, toys and clothing accessories, etc. At the same time, there are many Japanese sex lingerie and "creative" design.If you want to try a more creative and fresh sexy underwear, then Village Vanguard is a good place.


COSPATIO represents part of Japanese role -playing culture. It provides various role -playing clothing and accessories, and also has some style of Japanese sex lingerie.If you are a role -playing enthusiast, or you want to try a more special sexy underwear, then COSPATIO will be a good place.

6. Peach John

Peach John is a Japanese underwear brand and one of the most popular underwear brands in Japan.PEACH JOHN’s underwear includes adult erotic underwear, so here you can buy a variety of styles and types of Japanese sexy underwear.If you want to buy high -quality Japanese sexy underwear, the brand’s underwear is definitely worth considering.


AEON is one of the largest department stores in Japan. It has huge shopping malls, including Japanese sexy underwear brands and shops.This means that in Aeon Shopping Mall, you can find Japanese sexy underwear from different brands, and the selection range is very large.Like other shopping malls, AEON’s advantages are that there are many species, affordable prices and spacious shopping environment.

8. Oda Emperor Department Store

Oda Emperor Department Store is a top department store in Tokyo. It is famous for its high -tech and high -quality products, fashion and personalized spirit. It also provides a variety of types and exquisite Japanese sexy underwear.Even if you don’t intend to buy sexy underwear, Oda Emperor Department Store is a shopping and tourist destination worthy of travel.

9. Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a chain store running various products, including Japanese sexy underwear, and because the items of the store are more affordable, it is very popular among Japanese and overseas tourists.If you need to buy a more cost -effective Japanese sexy underwear, then you may wish to consider Don Quixote.

10. Personal favorite purchase method

In addition to the shopping platforms and shopping mall mentioned above, I personally prefer to buy Japanese sexy underwear in the local Japanese sexy lingerie store.This allows me to experience the quality, touch and style of the product in myself, and better understand and choose the product that suits I.Of course, this method also requires more time and effort to find a shop that suits you.


The above are some suggestions for purchasing Japanese sexy underwear. Due to the possibility of market changes and fraud, please carefully choose the right shopping platform or shopping mall before buying, and pay attention to the authenticity and quality of the product.Happy shopping!

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