What should I do if my boyfriend gets sexy underwear?

My boyfriend gave me a messy underwear, what should I do?

Interest underwear represents a daily dress that is different from daily. It is a sexy and romantic manifestation. It is an important part of the sex life of husband and wife.However, when your boyfriend sends you sex underwear, you may face some confusion and embarrassment.In this article, we will provide some suggestions and techniques for how to handle my boyfriend to send you sex underwear.

Is the sexy underwear suitable for me?

Before dealing with your boyfriend to send you sex underwear, you need to ask a question: Is sex underwear suitable for you?Interest underwear is not just a coat, it is also an expression of mood.Understand your inner needs, consider your personality and taste, and carefully consider your degree of acceptance of sexy and romantic.

Do I need to try it?

Even if you feel that sexy underwear is not suitable for you, you don’t have to reject your boyfriend’s kindness immediately.Sometimes, trying something new, different from usual, can make life more interesting.Accept the gift of her boyfriend and try it, it may also be a fresh experience.

Is the sexy underwear sent by my boyfriend suitable for me?

Even if you decide to accept the sexy underwear sent by your boyfriend, you need to consider whether this underwear is suitable for you.According to your body and taste, choose the style and size that suits you, so that you can be confident and comfortable when you wear sexy underwear.

Does your underwear need to be updated?

For women who decide to wear sexy underwear, receiving a boyfriend’s kind gift is a good opportunity to update their underwear.Check your underwear drawers and consider replacing old and outdated underwear so that you can be confident and beautiful at the moment of romanticity with your partner.

How to wear sexy underwear is more confident?

Interest underwear needs to wear confidently.When buying underwear, choose a style suitable for your body and taste, try different colors and designs, and understand what your most confident underwear should look like.At the same time, you need to maintain your body and dress when wearing sexy underwear so that you can emit the most charming light.

How to wear sexy underwear in life?

Do not limit in the bedroom when wearing sexy underwear.In daily dressing, you can match suitable skirts and shoes to allow the elements of mood and romantic to penetrate every day.On a suitable occasion, showing sexy matching in front of her boyfriend is also a good way to strengthen the relationship between the two.

How to adjust the mentality when using sex underwear?

Sex and sex are closely related to sex, so you need to pay attention to your mentality when using sex underwear.Don’t think of sexy underwear as a weapon, but should be regarded as a way to make yourself and his partner more emotional and romantic in sex.When using sexy underwear, keep the mentality of relaxation and enjoyment, so that you can devote yourself to the feeling of enjoying with your partner.

How to reflect your preferences and personality?

When wearing sexy underwear, you also need to consider your preferences and personality.You can choose a pattern and design with your own characteristics, or choose to match your favorite accessories to make your sexy and romantic taste more personalized.

Try to gai’xin as much as you spend fun with your partner

When wearing sexy underwear and partners to spend sex, the most important thing is to feel each other’s intimacy and care.Don’t pay too much attention to external performance and obscene performances, but should focus on reflecting your own heart and feelings, and make the moment of spending with your partner more deeper, authentic, and full of emotions and tenderness.


Interest underwear is a way to reflect sexy and romantic, but it should not be the only factor in your relationship with your partner.Before wearing a sexy underwear, you need to think about your inner needs and feelings carefully, choose the style and size that suits you, and spend time with your partner at appropriate occasions and time.Only when you feel the emotions and tenderness deep in your heart, wearing sexy underwear can become a beautiful experience of life.

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