What posture does we wear sex underwear?

What posture does we wear sex underwear?

You have bought a beautiful sexy underwear, but may be a little confused about wearing it.Putting and cooperating correctly will make you feel more sexy and confident.In this article, we will explore some posture and skills of wearing sexy underwear so that you will use them when showing your beauty more confidently.

1. Sit and wear

When wearing a sexy underwear, sitting is a good choice.First of all, this can prevent you from losing or sliding it when you wear it.Secondly, this will make you more natural when wearing, and it will not cause underwear to be too tight or uncomfortable.

2. Standing and wearing

If you want to show its sexy appearance better when wearing sexy underwear, standing and wear is a good choice.Standing can prevent underwear from sliding down from the body and allowing you to appreciate its physical beauty.

3. Lie and wear

When you plan to contact your partner intimately, lying on a sexy underwear is a good choice.This can help you keep your posture better, make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and make your partner better appreciate your beauty.

4. Walking

Walking when wearing a sex lingerie is a good choice, which allows you to show its appearance and design.But if you want to walk comfortably, you need to choose the right size to ensure that the underwear will not slip and cause inconvenience when walking.

5. Sit and adjust

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, you feel uncomfortable or you need to adjust tiny adjustment, and it is better to sit and adjust.You can organize underwear to a comfortable position without causing discomfort.

6. Twist

Sometimes you need to make some adjustments in order to make the sexy underwear better and tightly into the body.At this time, you can try to twist and make the underwear more tightly fit your body.

7. Use spare underwear strips

When you put the sexy lingerie on the underwear, you may need to use some help to ensure that the underwear stripe is in its expected location.You can use spare underwear strips to help you adjust its position, which will make it better fit your body.

8. Stretch your body

It is very important to stretch your body when you are wearing a sexy underwear.This is because it can help you find a comfortable position that suits your body and avoid underwear discomfort or pain.

9. Wear without underwear

Sometimes wearing erotic lingerie without underwear may make you feel uncomfortable, which may be because you need to pay attention to the comfort in the lingerie linage.When choosing a sexy underwear without underwear, you need to ensure that your comfort is sufficient and you can have a suitable pad or a fake belt.

10. Wear your own style

In the end, it is also important that when wearing sexy underwear, you should always maintain your own style.Choosing different colors, different types and different styles of sexy underwear may be more suitable for your expression of your personality and style

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear is an art that needs to master some skills and skills.By understanding the correct way of dressing, you can show a more sexy and confident image, and better enjoy the time of yourself and your partner.

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