What fabrics do you buy in sex underwear?

What fabrics do you buy in sex underwear?

The material of sexy underwear is one of the key factors that affect comfort, visual effects and durability.Therefore, it is essential to choose the right fabric when buying sexy underwear.This article will introduce you to the most common fabrics of sexy underwear and their advantages and disadvantages to help you make appropriate choices.


Cotton is one of the most common sexy underwear materials.Due to the characteristics of its natural materials, cotton is soft, comfortable, and breathable, friendly to the skin, and has good sweat absorption.In addition, the erotic underwear made of cotton is considered durable and is not easy to get hair balls.

However, cotton also has its shortcomings.Due to its soft characteristics, cotton underwear is not supported enough, which may affect the aesthetic effect of the chest lines.In addition, the sexy underwear made of cotton is also easy to deform.


Silk is a very smooth and comfortable material. In addition, it also has a good luster and texture, which can enhance the visual effect of sexy underwear.Compared with cotton, the streamlined support is better, which can better display the shape of the chest.In addition, it is a durable and easy to clean.

However, the price of silk is higher than other materials, so not everyone can easily afford it.In addition, the breathability of silk is not as good as other materials, which means that in a humid environment, wearing silk erotic underwear will feel uncomfortable.

Chemical fiber material

Chemical fiber materials are a popular choice for making low -cost sexy lingerie.The advantage of this material is that it is very easy to clean and has good stretching, which can support the chest and shape the body line.In addition, chemical fiber materials can create many different colors and patterns to adapt to different tastes.

However, the disadvantage of chemical fiber underwear is that the quality is not as durable as natural materials and may be decomposed after wearing wear.Because of its relatively hard texture and poor breathability, it may cause skin allergies or itching.


Lace is a thin and breathable material, which can enhance the visual effect of sexual erotic lingerie.Its meticulous and exquisite design makes lace sexy underwear the first choice for many women.In addition, lace can gently wrap the skin to shape the beautiful and tight and bumpy figure.

However, lace is usually a fragile and easy -to -damage material, which may be damaged during or during cleaning.It may also cause discomfort, especially when wearing sensitive skin.


Leather sex underwear is a style that men and women can wear. This material can produce unique visual effects.Leather sex lingerie often has a certain sense of punishment, suitable for couples who like SM or BDSM.

Although leather sexy underwear has a unique effect visually, its disadvantage is that it is expensive and impermeable, which may cause allergies or discomfort.In addition, leather erotic underwear is very sensitive to changes in environmental factors (such as humidity and temperature), so special maintenance is needed.


Polyester is a material with elasticity and durability, and its weaving material is soft and strong.In addition, polyester materials are also anti -wrinkled, not shrinking, and not easy to get hair, which is convenient for daily wear and washing.

However, polyester materials are not as breathability as natural fiber materials.In addition, compared with cotton, polyester materials are more retractable and may not be suitable for women who need better support.


Linen is a material made of natural fibers, comfortable and breathable, friendly to the skin.Among the erotic underwear materials, linen is the most environmentally friendly. It has extremely high sustainable hygroscopic absorption, absorption and exhaustability, and is easy to clean and maintain.

However, linen materials are not as good as other materials in terms of luster and softness, so it may not be able to achieve the gorgeous effects pursued by some women.At the same time, linseed underwear also needs to be washed carefully, otherwise excessive turning water will affect the fiber tissue and reduce its clothing effect.


The sense of erotic underwear launched by silk is charming, and it is also a style that many women like.It is similar to silk and lace, giving a soft, sexy feeling, and also has good warmth.

Silk light material may be damaged, but carefully treats when used, which can keep it good quality.In addition, remember that if you want to try the sexy underwear of this material, it is best to choose high -quality materials.

synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber is a low -cost and easy -to -process material, suitable for large quantities to manufacture sexy underwear.Because it is easy to dye, and can create many different patterns and colors, synthetic fiber love underwear is a popular choice.

However, the durability and breathability of synthetic fiber love underwear may be worse than natural fiber erotic lingerie.In addition, many synthetic fibrous collapse underwear manufacturers use various chemical agents during the manufacturing process, which may cause skin allergies.


When buying sexy underwear, it is important to choose the right material.How to choose fabrics depends on personal needs and preferences.Natural fibers such as cotton, silk and lace, and synthetic fibers such as polyester are good choices.Leather sex lingerie and chemical fiber underwear are relatively high, suitable for specific groups and occasions, while linen is the most environmentally friendly and breathable type.In the end, it is recommended that you choose high -quality materials when buying sexy underwear to ensure its comfort, durability and safety.

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