What does sexy underwear jungle mean?

What does sexy underwear jungle mean?

What is the wild?

When playing games, everyone will hear the word "jungle".In the field of sexy underwear, the wild refers to the way of turning underwear or changing to wear.In layman’s terms, wearing a method to subvert the routine, make the underwear change and become more sexy.

Why is the wild?

The purpose of women’s sexy underwear is to make them more sexy, and the jungler is to achieve this.In the same style, you only need to put on a way to wear a completely different effect.In addition, jungler is also to increase sexual interest, so that you and your partners can experience the fun of wearing sexy underwear while enjoying sex.

How to hit the wild?

How to hit the field needs to have different ways to wear according to different styles.For example, if it is a vest sexy underwear, you can pass the strap through your shoulders and make the front of the underwear into the back. The lace decoration behind will be more conspicuous.

If it is a suspender -style sexy underwear, you can cross the thin band on the back, so as to connect the thin band on the back of the underwear with the front, and the degree of sexy increases instantly.

Precautions for jungle

Although the jungle can make the original underwear rejuvenated, you need to pay attention to some matters.First of all, we must be properly worn, not too exposed or decent.Secondly, some special materials or styles are not suitable for jumping, and it is easy to lead to unfjuitivity or destruction of design.Finally, according to your body, temperament and style of wearing, choose the jungler that suits you.

Instance of sexy underwear jungle field explanation

Take the commonly sexy lingerie style as an example to explain the field of jungle.


Pull the lace in the front of the briefs up and let the lace be against the waist.In this way, the sexy lace not only appeared in the hip position, but also attached to the waist, which looks more sexy.

Sexy suspension

The bra out of the suspender bra is swapped with the hem of the skirt, and the chest is exposed to the sexy easily.Or simply put the suspender behind the back, and the chest has a peculiar sexy of a mature woman.

Net socks

Do your hands and feet with the details, and to break the net socks that are really done by many people.But this will hurt the skin and be counterproductive.

In fact, the bone support is dropped directly, the bone support part and the waist of the stockings are folded to Qiping, and wearing it up becomes seamless underwear. It is very sexy and does not hurt the skin.

The impact of sexy underwear jungle on sex life

Sexual life is a close behavior between husband and wife. The wearing of sexy underwear can make sex life full of freshness, and the jungler adds a stimulus.The more diverse junglers in color and style, adding fun and creativity of sexy underwear, making sex better.

Different equipment, different junglers

Sexy underwear jungle needs to consider different types of underwear and personality characteristics.When choosing equipment, you need to choose the type of underwear that suits you according to personal preferences and the degree of recognition of sexy underwear.In addition, different styles need to choose different fields to achieve the best results.

Pay attention to the influence of underwear jungle on the body

Fun underwear jungle can increase interest, but also needs to pay attention to the impact on the body.If you are overwrite, it may cause damage to the body.In addition, too tight or friction can also affect the health of the skin.Selecting underwear and jungle methods correctly can be both beautiful and healthy.


Interest underwear jungle is a way to increase interest, which can make underwear a new charm.When choosing a field, you need to pay attention to your health and personal style to achieve the best results.I hope this article will help you.

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