The ex -girlfriend asked me to buy her sexy underwear


The ex -girlfriend sent you a message to ask if you can buy her a set of erotic underwear.It is estimated that you can feel headache and trouble.This situation must not be able to do it. You need to make enough homework to make yourself a correct decision.

Understand her intention

First of all, you need to confirm what style and style of sexy underwear your ex -girlfriend want.This is the key, because everyone has their own preferences and needs, you need to know her needs to make better choices for her.

Types of sex underwear

At present, there are many types of erotic lingerie on the market, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult sexy underwear, European and American sexy underwear, and so on.You can carefully understand the characteristics of each type of underwear and choose a suitable sexy underwear according to her preference.

Size choice

When choosing a sexy underwear, be sure to determine her size.Interest underwear is a very close -fitting clothing. If the size is not suitable, it will not only make her feel uncomfortable, but also affect the entire effect.

Brand and quality

The brand and quality of sexy underwear are also very important considerations.The quality of the brand and quality is directly related to the comfort and service life of the underwear. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the sexy underwear of some well -known brands.

Choice style

In addition to the size and brand, you also need to consider the style of the underwear.You can observe her previous style of wearing style, do you like simple style, or like a gorgeous style.Selecting the right style on this basis is more guaranteed.

Know her preferences in advance

Before choosing sexy underwear, it is best to understand her preference for sexy underwear in advance.If she has never worn it or has not much interest in sexy underwear, you choose to send a set of sexy underwear that she does not have a cold may destroy the entire romantic atmosphere.

Buy noble and you don’t buy cheap

Finally, remember not to choose low -cost sexy underwear because of greed for cheap.Low -priced erotic underwear is often poor, which will affect the entire effect.If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, you still have to buy a more expensive sexy underwear.


In the process of choosing sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider many factors in multiple aspects, including her preferences, brands and quality, size, styles, and so on.If you are not sure what style to choose, you can use her past style style as a reference.Most importantly, don’t be greedy for cheap to buy low -priced sexy underwear, which may affect the entire romantic atmosphere.I hope this article can help you and let you make the right choice.

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