Star sexy underwear

Star sexy underwear

Star sexy underwear

1. Classic black style

The classic black sexy underwear is never outdated.Whether it is lace or mesh, black can add sexy atmosphere, and it is also one of the most easy -to -match colors.Most brands will launch a black erotic underwear series, so whether it is the first attempt to find a sexy underwear or a enthusiast who wants to supplement the black series, it will not be disappointed.

2. Warm red series

Red is the most representative color in sexy underwear.Not only is it distinctive, it highlights the charm of women, but also makes people feel warm emotions, making people feel loved and protected.The red color sex lingerie series generally contains different styles, such as conjoined, corset and high -waisted lace pants, which are available in various styles.

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3. Charming purple series

If you want to try less common colors, purple is a good choice.Because purple is not common in daily wear, it looks particularly attractive.And purple also has multiple colors, such as dark purple can add mysterious and mature atmosphere, while light purple is softer, suitable for girls and young women.

4. Tianyan pink series

Pink sexy underwear is considered to be gentle and romantic representative.Pink can generally make people feel soft, warm and soft, especially suitable for young and lovely girls.If you want to try cute and sexy sexy lingerie styles, then pink and sexy underwear is a good choice.

5. Vitality Flower Series

If you want to be more naughty, cute and vibrant sexy underwear, then the bright color can be created for you.Different brands design flowers and sexy underwear are different, but they usually have bright colors and unique patterns, which can make you express your soul with vibrant.

6. Built -in chest cushion style

The sexy underwear of the built -in chest pad can create a more perfect figure for you. Whether it is to make the chest more plump, or make the cleavage deeper, the built -in chest pad underwear is indispensable.Whether it is any color and fancy, the sexy underwear with built -in chest pads can perfectly show your figure.

7. Wave edge cutting style

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The erotic underwear cutting edge is a more popular design, which can increase the sexy atmosphere of women.There are many sexy lingerie styles of the wavy cutting edge. They can be used as sexy external dressing, and they can also choose classic styles that are always out of date as daily wearing underwear.

8. Perspective cup style

The sexy underwear of the perspective cup is a relatively bold design that can reveal the body.Such a bold design inspires people’s various imagination, bringing fun to women wearing underwear, and making sexy a taste.

9. High -waist stockings style

Nothing can fully reflect the sexy charm of women than a pair of high -waisted stockings.The design of the high waist makes the legs slender and slender, while the stockings are more charming.At the same time, the style of high waist stockings is also very rich.Black tone, with different colors and patterns, the design of each brand has its own characteristics. Even the similar styles of the same size will bring different visual and physical feelings.

10. Eye masks, handcuffs and other attachment styles

The sexy underwear of the additional accessories can add sexy and irritating, while the accessories such as eye masks, handcuffs can make you feel that stimulation more deeply.For those who want to try freshness, the sexy underwear that adds accessories may be your favorite type.

in conclusion

For those who want to try sex underwear, the above introduction can provide sexy underwear for different colors, styles and accessories.Of course, the most important thing is to find a suitable and comfortable sexy underwear so that you can truly tap the potential of sexy underwear.