Sexy underwear Hanfu large size picture

Sexy underwear Hanfu large size picture

What is sexy underwear Hanfu size?

Sexy underwear Hanfu large size refers to large -scale Hanfu style sexy underwear.Hanfu has gradually become popular in recent years, and the sexy underwear of Hanfu style has become more and more popular.Hanfu’s sexy underwear focuses on traditional beauty and details, but also has the characteristics of sexy and tempting.

Sexy underwear Hanfu large size style

Sexy underwear is rich in large size in Hanfu, from traditional long skirts to short skirts and short tops.Some styles use Chinese necklines and pairing design, while others are designed like ordinary underwear, but they use Hanfu’s fabrics and details.

Sexy underwear Hanfu large size fabric

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Hanfu style sexy underwear usually uses traditional silk, brocade, satin and other fabrics. These materials have an excellent texture and gloss, and can also show the beauty of traditional culture.

Sexy underwear Hanfu large size color

The color of sexy underwear Hanfu is also very important. Usually, the color of traditional Hanfu, such as red, gold, purple, etc.These colors are representatives of traditional Chinese colors, with strong oriental colors.

Sexual and sexy underwear Hanfu large size details

The characteristics of Hanfu lies in its complex details.The large size of the sexy underwear Hanfu is no exception. Various details are often treated, such as golden lines, folds, and so on.These details can better show the traditional beauty of Hanfu.

Sexy underwear Hanfu large -size dressing

When wearing a sexy underwear Hanfu, the first thing to pay attention to is to choose the right size.Hanfu -style underwear is generally more close, so the choice of size is very important.At the same time, pay attention to matching. Choosing the right shoes and accessories can make the overall effect more perfect.

Temperament underwear Hanfu Large -size Applicable Crowd

Sexy underwear Hanfu is suitable for people who like Hanfu and traditional culture, and are also suitable for those who like sexy underwear.In addition, Hanfu underwear is also suitable for those who want to try different styles.


How to buy sexy underwear Hanfu size?

When buying sexy underwear Hanfu, you can buy it at a professional sexy underwear shop or online.Choose regular stores or websites, pay attention to the quality and size standards of the product, and avoid buying inferior or inappropriate products.

Sexy underwear Hanfu large -size maintenance

Hanfu underwear is more complicated than ordinary underwear. Pay attention to avoid stains and wear.It is best to use hand washing to avoid mechanical washing.At the same time, you must also choose the right maintenance product, such as a care agent that protects the silk.


Sexual underwear Hanfu is a type of underwear style combining traditional culture and modern sexy. It is suitable for people who like Hanfu and traditional culture, and it is also suitable for those who want to try different styles.In terms of purchasing and maintenance, we must choose regular channels, pay attention to quality and size standards, and also pay attention to maintenance.