Sexy lingerie navel picture

Sexy lingerie navel picture

What is sexy lingerie umbilical umbilical

Fun underwear navel is a kind of underwear style that makes women feel sexy and seductive.It is characterized by connecting bra and underwear to a waist chain during design, exposing part of the waist and abdomen, making women show a charming curve.In this design, navel has become a common way for sexy underwear.

Sending lingerie category classification

The classification of sexy lingerie navel is mainly the following:

Lumbar seal: This erotic underwear uses a weak belt to connect the bras of the underwear with the lower body and expose a piece of skin on the waist.

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Open type: When designing this sexy underwear, a split will be set on the lower body part, connecting the bra to the lower body, exposing the abdomen and navel.

Deep -exposed outfit: This sexy underwear directly exposes part of the abdomen and exposes the entire umbilicus.

What is the population of sexy underwear?

Fun underwear navel is suitable for women with a certain body and physical confidence, because it will boldly expose the abdomen and need a certain confidence to wear it.In addition, it is not suitable for women with obvious raised or relaxation on the abdomen.

Sexy lingerie navel matching

Pay attention to the following points of sexy lingerie navel: The following points:

You can choose a loose top and make the sex lingerie more prominent.

You can choose high -waisted skirts or high -waisted pants to expose parts of the sexy underwear and more sexy.

You can choose hierarchical accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets.

Sexy Costumes

Falling underwear’s navel material

The material of sexy underwear navel needs to be comfortable, soft, and elastic fabrics, such as cotton, silk, elastic fiber, etc.These fabrics are not only comfortable, but also have good fit, and they are more beautiful to wear.

The color of sexy lingerie navel

The color of sexy lingerie umbilical umbilical should be selected according to personal preference.Generally speaking, more common colors are red, black, white, etc.

Sexy underwear navel brand

There are a lot of sexy lingerie brands, such as Victoria’s secrets, 361 degrees, etc., each brand has its own characteristics and can be selected according to its own needs.

Sex underwear to buy

Pay attention to the purchase of sexy underwear to expose the navel:

Choose comfortable, soft, elastic fabrics.

Choose the number suitable for your body, don’t be too tight or loose.

Pay more attention to the quality assurance of sexy underwear to avoid quality problems.

Sexual underwear’s navel wear precautions

The precautions of sexy underwear navel are as follows:

Keep the underwear dry, clean, and dry, avoid sweating and wearing too long.

Do not perform strenuous exercise during wear to avoid damage.

Be careful not to contact the skin or foreign body directly to avoid scratching the skin.

The view of sexy lingerie navel

Fun underwear navel is a sexy, seductive underwear style. It is suitable for those women with confidence and figure.But at the same time, you also need to pay attention to matching, fabrics, brands, purchasing, and precautions to wear in order to wear the best results.The most important thing is that wearing a sex underwear umbilical umbilical can bring confidence and satisfaction, grasp your stage, and pursue your beauty.