Sexy lingerie dermatitis

Sexy lingerie dermatitis

Interests of underwear and dermatitis High incidence

Interest underwear has a unique role in improving sexy and enhancing couples, so it is sought after by more and more women.However, wearing erotic underwear is also accompanied by certain risks, one of which is the high incidence of dermatitis.

The relationship between sexy underwear and skin sensitivity

The style, material, and design of sex underwear are closely related to skin sensitivity.For example, chemical fiber, elastic silk and other materials will increase the sensitivity of the skin to allergens, and too tight design will hinder pore ventilation, exacerbate the skin’s humidity and increase the opportunity of fungal breeding.

Interest underwear is easy to breed pathogenic bacteria

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Falling underwear will easily breed pathogenic bacteria while wrapping the body, especially after high temperature and humid summer or exercise, sweat and bacteria remain on the sexy underwear together, increasing the risk of dermatitis.

Common types of sexy lingerie dermatitis types

There are mainly the following types of dermatitis caused by sexy underwear:

Eczema dermatitis: After the skin defense is reduced, inflammation caused by bacteria infected with bacteria, symptoms such as redness, burning, itching and other symptoms;

Urticaria: After the skin is exposed to the allergies and stimulation of the material or other components of the sexy underwear, local edema is formed, and the mild itching and burning sensation occurs;

Fungal infection: Under a high temperature and humid environment, the bacteria and fungi reproduce rapidly, causing symptoms such as burning, itching, and even dandruff off the skin;

In contact dermatitis: After allergic to sexy underwear materials or certain ingredients, symptoms such as redness, swelling and itching in contact area.

Proposal of prevention and less sexy lingerie dermatitis

The incidence of sexy underwear dermatitis is high, so you need to pay attention to the following points when choosing and wearing sexy underwear:


Select underwear with good breathability and soft material;

Avoid design of too tight and too sultry;

Wear clean, clean, and keep dry lingerie;

Reduce humidity and increase air circulation;

Replace in time and clean sex underwear.

How to fight sexy underwear dermatitis

Once sexy underwear dermatitis occurs, it should be treated in a timely manner to avoid delaying and exacerbating the condition.Some common treatment methods include:

Hormone cream and anti -allergic drugs: play a significant role in relieving symptoms and reducing itching;

Use anti -inflammatory ointment: local application can inhibit the pathogen and reduce the condition;

Pay attention to local hygiene: more cleaning and keep more local drying;

Avoid scratching with your hands: Hand is one of the most prone parts of bacteria. Scratching will aggravate the condition and infection.

The importance of sexy underwear in sex life

Although sexy lingerie needs to pay attention to some risk problems, for modern couple’s life, sexy underwear still has an indispensable importance.Therefore, we need to face up and solve some problems that it may cause, and at the same time, we must also improve the awareness of maintaining good health and underwear cleaning, and fully enjoy the joy and passion it brings to the partner.


Although sexy lingerie dermatitis is a more sensitive and sanitary problem, as long as we master the correct maintenance and wear methods, we can prevent and avoid it.We need to better use erotic underwear in sex and enjoy a higher quality life experience.