Sex underwear Japan Number Number

Sex underwear Japan Number Number


With the popularization of color TVs and the development of the Internet, the Japanese fun industry is becoming more and more popular.One of the special trends is underwear, especially sexy underwear.Part of the popularity of Japanese sexy underwear is because they provide many different styles and modes.Among them, the number is a very important identifier, which depicts a unique feature of a sexy underwear.In this article, we will study the number of Japanese sexy underwear and the meaning of their symbols.

What is Japanese sexy underwear number

The number is more like an internal encoding, which aims to help stores and consumers better distinguish different sexy underwear.The number is usually a mixture composed of letters and numbers, which can describe the characteristics of sexy underwear to the greatest extent, including style, color and size.

The role of the number

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Different numbers classify different erotic underwear, making production, sales and purchases more defined and standardized.The number can also provide more comprehensive and correct information for consumers, help them quickly find the sexy underwear they need, and ensure that customers can better understand and choose the products they want to buy.

S classification of sexy underwear numbers

Sex underwear numbers are divided into many categories according to categories and functions.If you are scanning a set of sexy underwear quickly, you can see the type and use of them by reading the number.

The meaning of the number

Each number has its unique significance.Among them, some of the most impressions are the letters and numbers that mean specific meaning.For example, "AV" usually represents the purpose of sexy underwear, such as videos, drugs or pornographic magazines, while "COS" means that sexy underwear is suitable for role -playing.

Number naming rules

When you start to browse sexy underwear, you will find that each number is directly related to the style and use of the sexy underwear.The Rules of Fun Underwear Number is stipulated by the Fun Association, and it is a standard specification that all sexy underwear producers who participate in the classification of the number.

Example of the number

Several numbers have become industry standards, and they describe the types and functions of sexy underwear in a special way.For example, "ATC" stands for underwear, which is a basic sexy underwear, while "PM" represents pajamas, usually soft and sexy, suitable for night to sleep.

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How to use the number

Before buying a sexy underwear, you can first understand that the number number can help you better choose the suitable sex underwear.When shopping online, you can also use the number to accurately search for target sexy underwear with the help of the number.

Authenticity identification

Because the sexy underwear is a personal code, some bad manufacturers may deliberately impersonate the sexy underwear of other sexy underwear manufacturers to deceive.Therefore, when you buy sexy underwear, you need to find out the authenticity of the number, and pay attention to whether it is the same as the interesting underwear number of the original manufacturer.

in conclusion

In short, understanding the love underwear number can help customers quickly find a sexy underwear that suits them when buying.At the same time, the sexy underwear number also provides producers and sellers with accurate and timely internal sales information, which improves the efficiency and efficiency of the entire industry.