Sex of sex lingerie try to wear evaluation

Sex of sex lingerie try to wear evaluation

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women. They can not only increase interest and sexy, but also play a good role in modifying the figure.But when choosing and buying sexy underwear, many women often encounter confusion and troubles.To solve this problem, we deliberately tried and evaluated a number of sexy underwear, and recorded the trial effect and feelings in detail.Next, we will share these trials, hoping to provide some references for women who are choosing sexy underwear.

Comfort: From the soft material and the sense of surrounding

First of all, we try to penetrate a soft and strong sexy underwear. The thin and elastic fabric has good breathability.This sexy underwear can be worn perfectly in both slim or slightly fat.This sexy underwear is very comfortable, and the light and tender touch gives a soft and intimate feeling.

Visual effect: start with layers, color and materials

The second sex underwear we try penetrates is a very layered underwear. Its material is soft and elastic, giving a high sense of touch.This erotic underwear is strong, bright, exquisite and lively.Visual effects can significantly enhance women’s charm and sexy.

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Slim effect: starting with restraint and version of the model

The third sex underwear is a version of slim -fitting, with strong bondage underwear.The design of this sexy underwear is very fit in the body curve, and even the fat women have significant waist effects.The overall version looks very sexy, giving people a graceful feeling.

Applicable occasions: starting from style and materials

The fourth sexy underwear is a simple and high -quality underwear. It can not only dress at home, but also apply to various occasions, such as dating and elements.The design style of this sexy underwear is very flexible, and it can be perfectly worn with pants or skirts.

Dressing experience: starting with materials and breathability

The fifth sex underwear is a thin and anti -slip and antibacterial sexy underwear.Its material is very light and it is very comfortable to wear.The breathability of this sexy underwear is very good. Even when exercise or sweat, it will not feel impermeable and uncomfortable.

Underwear match: start with color, style, matching

The sixth sex underwear is a beautifully designed and bright underwear. It is very suitable for wearing in summer or hot days.The color of this sexy underwear is very bright and can be perfectly matched with lace skirts, jeans, etc.The overall match is very decent and makes people look very sexy.

Sexy: From the visual effect, wearing experience, starting with

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The seventh sexy underwear is a soft fabric, an excellent touch and elastic underwear.Its color is very lively and has a strong visual effect.This sexy underwear is very comfortable. It can perfectly show the charming curve of women and make women look more sexy.

Price: starting with brand, material, quality

The last sexy underwear is a cost -effective underwear. Its quality is very good and cleverly avoids the inferior materials of low -cost sexy underwear.This sexy underwear can not only improve the sexyness of women, but also have a very good comfort.It is very good in terms of price, quality, and sexy.


After trying through these different types of sexy underwear, we deeply realized that choosing a suitable sexy underwear has more important significance than we think.Different brands, materials, styles, prices and other factors have an important impact on the effects and use value of sexy underwear.Therefore, we recommend that women pay attention to comprehensive factors when buying sexy underwear, rather than just pursuing one effect.