China Gaokai fork Funny Underwear Show Video

China Gaokai fork Funny Underwear Show Video

China Gaokai fork Funny Underwear Show Video


With the gradual lifting of sexual culture, sexy underwear, as a fashion trend of a new era, is very popular.Among them, high -cut sex lingerie is particularly attractive and has become a style sought after by many women.Today, let’s take a look at the performance of China ’s high -opening fork sex underwear on the show, and feel the beauty and sexy of the underwear.

The first: red thin gauze sexy underwear

This erotic underwear is made of red tulle. There are only two small fabric embellishments. It is equipped with a high -edged design, full of temptation.On the sexy lingerie show in China, this underwear performed very well.

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Second paragraph: Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace sexy underwear has always been a classic style, and the high -cut design makes this underwear more unique.In the Chinese underwear show, this sexy underwear showed a sexy side by models.

Third paragraph: white strap sexy underwear

The white camisole underwear adopts a high -opening and perspective design, revealing the sexy charm of women.The appearance of this sexy underwear has aroused great interest from the audience.

4th paragraph: green European -style sexy underwear

This green European -style erotic underwear uses a high -cut and lace design.In the show on the show, the models of dark skin put on it, bringing the ultimate visual enjoyment.

Fifth paragraph: purple silk sexy underwear

This purple silk erotic underwear is very simple in design, with only one triangle, plus a high -cut skirt, making women more charming.On China’s sexy lingerie show, this underwear is also perfect.

Sixth paragraph: yellow perspective sexy underwear


The yellow perspective sexy underwear This underwear is made of high -quality perspective material, showing the sexy charm of women.The split design allows the model to show the charming curve of women after putting it on.

VII: Blue lace sexy underwear suit

This blue lace erotic underwear puts on the chest and the bows behind the chest, showing sexy and many charm.At the same time, the split design of the pants also makes the model’s sexy more apparent.

E -8: Pink Angels Sexy underwear

The pink angel erotic underwear highlights the beauty of women. At the same time, the split structure also shows the sexy of women.


From the above fun underwear show, we can see that China’s high -cut sex lingerie style is very rich and the design is excellent. Each is full of imagination and creativity.The design of sexy underwear is no longer monotonous, but is varied, full of temptation, allowing more women to chase the beauty and sexy.