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What Went Wrong
Blink 182
Track 14 on Take Off Your Pants & Jacket
Limited Edition of CD only
Transcribed by Caleb-  caleb_is_finkel@hotmail.com

heres a great song by blink 182 off their new album
i know tom only knows power chords (or at least thats all
he plays) but i find it sounds better and its easier to play
normal chords on acoustic. ive submitted this song b4, but ive fixed it up,
so its more precise. i also added the clarinet solo.

  E   Eii C#m   F#  A   D

Intro riff
*  let ring
G-----4---2*--    x4

Chords come in after second time of riff
A	F#   D  
A	C#m  D	
A	F#   D  
A	C#m  D	

A		   F#m
I'm sick of always hearing
	  Eii		       D
All those sad songs on the radio
A	      F#m	
All day it is there to remind
	Eii		      D
An over-sensitive guy that he's lost and alone yeah


A 	       	     F#m
I hate our favourite restaurant
	      Eii	           D
Our favourite movie, our favourite show
A		 F#m	
We would stay up all of the night
	 Eii			   D
We would laugh and get high, never answer the phone

A	   E		  C#m    	  D
I can't forgive, can't forget, Can't give in 
	  A		E	      C#m
What went wrong coz you said this was right
You fucked up my life


A		   F#m
I'm sick of always hearing
      Eii			    D
Sappy love songs on the radio
A		         F#m	
This place, it's fucking cursed and it's plagued
	  Eii			D
And I can never escape, when my heart it explodes

A	   E		  C#m    	  D
I can't forgive, can't forget, Can't give in 
	  A		E	      C#m
What went wrong coz you said this was right
You fucked up my life

*Theres some of that picking stuff for the start of the break. figure it out yourself*
F#m	E	D	D picked
F#m	E	D	D last D start strumming    
F#m	D	A	A
F#m	D	A	A

Clarinet Solo: comes in on third line (F#m D A A)
Incase you wish to play this on clarinet, the notes are included

  A   G# A  B  A    C# D  E   A   G# A  B  C    A  E  C#  A

    A		F#m	    D
I'm kicking out fiercely at the 
      A		 C#m	   D
World around me, what went wrong	X4
I'm kicking.

There. If youve got any tips, corrections, fuck ups, mistakes, 
bomb threats, cash donations, email me at ***caleb_is_finkel@hotmail.com***
Till next time

Blink 182 - What Went Wrong - indeksirano na Ultimate-Guitar.com.
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