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The Final Straw - REM

This song is quite good to practice fast strumming. It is mostly based on the Dm-C transition, with some small licks. The intro strumming on Dm is added of this little lick (improvise over it):

Dm 				C	Dm
As I raise my head to broadcast my objection
Dm 		C 		 Dm
As your latest triumph draws the final straw 
Dm 			   C    	    Dm
Who died and lifted you up to perfection?
Dm 		C		 Dm
And what silenced me is written into law.

C 					Dm
I can't believe where circumstance has thrown me
C 		Dm
And I turn my head away
C 				Dm
If I look I'm not sure that I could face you.
Am 		C	 Dm 
Not again. Not today. Not today.

Dm 		C		 Dm
If hatred makes a play on me tomorrow
Dm 				C 	Dm
And forgiveness take a back seat to revenge
Dm 			C		 Dm
There's a hurt down deep that has not been corrected
Dm 				C	 Dm
There's a voice in me that says you will not win.

C 	   	    Dm
And if I ignore the voice inside,
C 			Dm
Raise a half glass to my home.
C 			Dm
But it's there that I am most afraid,
Am 		         C		 Dm
And forgetting doesn't hold, doesn't hold. 

F 			Dm
Now I don't believe and I never did that two wrongs make a right.
F 			Dm
If the world were filled with the likes of you then I'm putting up a fight.
F 	Dm	 Am 		C 		Dm
Putting up a fight. Putting up a fight. Make it right. Make it right.

Dm 		C		 Dm
Now love cannot be called into question.
Dm 		C		 Dm
Forgiveness is the only hope I hold.
Dm 		C		 Dm
And love-- love will be my strongest weapon.
Dm 		C		 Dm
I do believe that I am not alone.

C 		Dm	
For this fear will not destroy me.
C 		Dm
And the tears that have been shed
C 		Dm
It's knowing now where I am weakest
Am 		C 		Dm 
And the voice in my head. In my head.

C 		Dm
Then I raise my voice up higher
C 		Dm
And I look you in the eye
C 		Dm
And I offer love with one condition.
Am 		C		 Dm 
With conviction, tell me why, tell me why.
Am 		C		 Dm 
Tell me why, look me in the eye, tell me why.

Am 		C		 Dm

Enjoy! :)

R.E.M. - Final Straw - indeksirano na Trzalica.com.
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